Monday, May 15, 2006

Here's another example that speaks on Epoch Times' propaganda factor.

In a recent Clear Wisdom piece it reported Amnesty International's endorsement of the "Sujiatun Auschwitz" story by citing an appearance by an AI coordinator named Laura Nuechterlein.

I decided to contact Ms. Nuechterlein. Turns out she is the coordinator of a local AI chapter (Group 4 in Seattle, consists of 3-4 people) that meets in local library once a month.

What Ms. Nuechterlein wrote back was not surprising. Here're some quotes from her reply:

- I was careful to indicate that AI has not made any statement on the death camp allegations

- I barely mentioned Falun Gong at all

- I agree with you that the story was pretty dubious to begin with

- In no way did we endorse the idea of the "Chinese Auschwitz."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One of those Falun Gong group that pretends to be a NGO, WOIPFG, stated on a 4/30 press:

"waiting time for a suitable kidney is lengthy. Even in the US where the sense of public organ donation is commonplace, a patient in the New England area usually needs to wait three to seven years in average for a kidney transplant"

This statement is very misleading. According to 1995-2004 clincal data compiled by

- USA with 1/4 of China's population, performs over twice as many liver transplants yearly (10,000 in 2004.)
- 2004 data shows top 10% of wait list average 10 day wait
- 2004 data shows top 25% of wait list average 43 day wait

- Majority of median wait time, for all type of transplantation, do not exceed one year.

I have also found a transplant center in US that advertise very short wait, and the reason given is "no competition for organ":

"At MUSC, heart transplant patients on average wait about 2 1/2 months for a heart, Van Bakel said. Nationally, he said, the average wait time is about eight months."