Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melbourne Australia based democracy activist Mr. Zhang Hetse explains why Falun Gong's assertion that increase in trasnplant procedures prove increase in organ harvesting, is questionable:

1) Kilgour report has the problem of "cherry picking" numbers from Chinese sources to make their case. When a number is advantageous to their case, they accept it without reservation.

2) Linking increase in transplant procedures to increase in available organs ignores the reality in China. 10 years ago there're very few Chinese hospitals hase the medial know-how to perform one or type of organ transplant.

The increase in number of transplant procecures can be explained with medical advancement in more hospitals, allowing use of more types of organs that has been available but can not be transplanted previousely due to lack of technical expertise, equipment, facilities, etc..

[And finally, what Falun Gong can not explain away is, Wu and Zhang have been long time Chinese dissident, and they have no reason to cooperate with Beijing.]


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